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Kernel of Truth episode 5.5 — Greg Ferro talks Voyager

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If you enjoyed our previous episode about hyper-converged infrastructure, then you’re in for a real treat — the infamous Greg Ferro of Packet Pushers is back for a special BONUS episode of Kernel of Truth! We learned that once you get Greg and JR talking, it’s nearly impossible to get them to stop. So, we let them keep going and recorded an extra episode all about Voyager. Greg’s got questions about our open packet optical platform, and JR’s got answers. You’ll be impressed with how much awesome info and discussion they can fit into a mini episode!

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Guest bios

Greg Ferro: Greg is a household name in the tech industry as a co-founder of Packet Pushers. He survived 25+ years of Enterprise IT as a network engineer, architect and designer. Hear him on the Weekly Show, Priority Queue, and Network Break. You can follow him on Twitter at @etherealmind

JR Rivers: JR is a co-founder and CTO of Cumulus Networks where he works on company, technology, and product direction. JR’s early involvement in home-grown networking at Google and as the VP of System Architecture for Cisco’s Unified Computing System both helped fine tune his perspective on networking for the modern datacenter. Follow him on Twitter at @JRCumulus

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