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Kernel of truth episode 6 — optical networking

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Let’s talk about lasers! In this episode of Kernel of Truth, I bribed asked Product Manager Brian O’Sullivan (who you’ll remember from our episode about automation) and Principal Engineer Scott Emery to join me in the recording booth and chat about optical networking. We’ll get into topics like forward error correction, the divide between data center networking engineers and optical networking engineers, Voyager and Pink Floyd. Who knew that progressive rock had anything to do with optical networking?? (It doesn’t, really, but we somehow worked it in.)

So tune in and learn why an open packet optical platform is so innovative for optical networking and telco! And make sure to subscribe to the Kernel of Truth podcast so you stay up to date on the open networking revolution — get with the future of networking so you’re not just “Another Brick in the Wall!”

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Guest bios

Brian O’Sullivan: Brian currently heads Product Management for Cumulus Linux. For 15 or so years he’s held software Product Management positions at Juniper Networks as well as other smaller companies. Once he saw the change that was happening in the networking space, he decided to join Cumulus Networks to be a part of the open networking innovation. When not working, Brian is a voracious reader and has held a variety of jobs, including bartending in three countries and working as an extra in a German soap opera. You can find him on Twitter at @bosullivan00.

Scott Emery: Scott has been working in the networking industry since the Reagan administration. First at 3Com and then at Grand Junction Networks, where he worked on Fast Ethernet Standards, NICs, and switches. Scott served time at Cisco from when Grand Junction was acquired until 2013 as an architect for software, hardware, and ASICs for the Catalyst 2K and 3K product lines. He now develops software for Cumulus Networks as a Principal Engineer.

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