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Kernel of Truth episode 7: Data center networking in APAC + EMEA

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Cumulus Networks’ home base is in the heart of Mountain View, California — the Mecca of tech startups. But we’ve got Cumulus folks all around the world! We wanted to give this podcast a bit of international flair, so we invited some overseas guests into the recording booth. I’m joined by Attilla de Groot (Sales Engineer for EMEA) and Sutharsan Sivapalan (Sales Engineer for APAC), who filled me in on the networking customers, trends and challenges that are cropping up in their respective regions. There are definitely differences between these two ends of the world, but you’d be surprised how much these regions have in common despite the distance.

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Guest bios

Sutharsan Sivapalan, CCIE #40322 (Data Center), is a Senior Systems Engineer covering the US West and Asia-Pacific regions for Cumulus Networks. Prior to joining Cumulus, Sutharsan spent 6 years at Cisco designing and troubleshooting some of the most complex networks in the world, as a member of their Technical Services organisation. In that role, he supported the entire Data Centre portfolio, including UCS, the Nexus line of switches, virtualisation platforms and also storage systems. Sutharsan has made the journey from closed, proprietary systems to Open Networking and is keen to share the benefits of the open approach.

Attilla Groot has spent the last 15 years at the cutting edge of networking, having spent time with KPN, Amsterdam Internet Exchange, and HP, with exposure to technology from Cisco, HP, Juniper, and Huawei. He now works for Cumulus Networks, the creators of open networking, where he is able to continue his interest in open architecture design and automation.

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