Integrated networking telemetry

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Telemetry, is it cool or not? Host Brian tries to wrangle in JR Rivers and Scott Raynovich to find out in our latest episode. Will he succeed? Or, more importantly, what does integrated networking telemetry mean and why should you care? Listen and find out although pro tip: make sure you listen to the whole episode to find out what surprising band JR has been listening to.

Guest Bios

Brian O’Sullivan: Brian currently heads Product Management for Cumulus Linux. For 15 or so years he’s held software Product Management positions at Juniper Networks as well as other smaller companies. Once he saw the change that was happening in the networking space, he decided to join Cumulus Networks to be a part of the open networking innovation. When not working, Brian is a voracious reader and has held a variety of jobs, including bartending in three countries and working as an extra in a German soap opera. You can find him on Twitter at @bosullivan00.

Scott Raynovich: Scott is the Founder and Principal Analyst at Futuriom. Founded in 2017, Futuriom is the research and analysis community focused on next-generation technologies that will have a profound impact on the world. They analyze the companies and technologies that they think will provide the most growth over the next decade, including artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and cybersecurity. If you’d like to learn more about next level visibility with integrated network telemetry watch our on-demand webinar with him here. You can also find him on Twitter at @rayno.

JR Rivers: JR is a co-founder and CTO of Cumulus Networks where he works on company, technology, and product direction. JR’s early involvement in home-grown networking at Google and as the VP of System Architecture for Cisco’s Unified Computing System both helped fine-tune his perspective on networking for the modern datacenter. Follow him on Twitter at @JRCumulus