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Innovation in the data center

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In this podcast we have an in-depth conversation about the different types and levels of innovation in the data center and where we see it going. Spiderman aka Rama Darbha and host Brian O’Sullivan are joined by a new guest to the podcast, VP of Marketing Ami Badani. They share that while innovation in the data center doesn’t appear sexy, outside of network engineers, in reality there has been a huge paradigm shift in the way data centers have built and operated last 3 years. So what does that mean? How is automation involved in this conversation? Listen here to find out.

Guest Bios

Brian O’Sullivan: Brian currently heads Product Management for Cumulus Linux. For 15 or so years he’s held software Product Management positions at Juniper Networks as well as other smaller companies. Once he saw the change that was happening in the networking space, he decided to join Cumulus Networks to be a part of the open networking innovation. When not working, Brian is a voracious reader and has held a variety of jobs, including bartending in three countries and working as an extra in a German soap opera. You can find him on Twitter at @bosullivan00.

Rama Darbha: Rama is the head of the consulting organization at Cumulus Networks, helping customers and partners optimize their open networking strategy. Rama has an active CCONP 2019::19 and CCIE #22804, with a Masters in Engineering and Management from Duke University. You can find him on LinkedIn here.

Ami Badani: Ami is VP of Marketing at Cumulus Networks responsible for all aspects of marketing from messaging and positioning, demand generation, partner marketing, and amplification of the Cumulus Networks brand. She has a decade’s worth of experience at various Silicon Valley technology companies. Most recently, Ami served as a key marketing leader at Instart Logic, helping to triple its sales growth and lead the disruption of the application delivery market. Prior to Instart Logic, she was Head of Strategic Marketing at Cisco where she co-founded and incubated the Internet of Things Platform as a Service business and launched the platform out of stealth mode. She began her career in various facets of investment banking and asset management at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan. Ami has an MBA from University of Chicago, Booth School of Business and a BS from University of Southern California.