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Routing protocols in the datacenter fabric

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Hosts Roopa Prabhu and Pete Lumbis are joined by a special guest to the podcast, Russ White! The group come together virtually to discuss what we should think about when it comes to routing protocols in the datcenter. What are the tradeoffs when using traditional protocols like OSPF or BGP? What about new protocols like RIFT or a hybrid approach with things like BGP-link state? Spoiler alert: it depends.

Guest Bios

Roopa Prabhu: Roopa Prabhu is Chief Linux Architect at Cumulus Networks. At Cumulus she and her team work on all things kernel networking and Linux system infrastructure areas. Her primary focus areas in the Linux kernel are Linux bridge, Netlink, VxLAN, Lightweight tunnels. She is currently focused on building Linux kernel dataplane for E-VPN. She loves working at Cumulus and with the Linux kernel networking and debian communities. Her past experience includes Linux clusters, ethernet drivers and Linux KVM virtualization platforms. She has a BS and MS in Computer Science. You can find her on Twitter at @__roopa.

Pete Lumbis: Pete, CCIE R&S #28677 and CCDE 2012::3, is the Director of Technical Marketing and Documentation at Cumulus Networks. He helps customers build and design next generation, fully automated datacenters. He can be found on Twitter at @PeteCCDE

Russ White: Who is Russ White? The short answer— he’s worked around electronics from the early 1970’s through the late 1980’s, moved into computers in the 1980’s, and become seriously into network engineering in the late 1980’s. He’s never looked back and if you’re curious to learn more you can find out all you need to know about him via his website here.

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Resource referenced: Distributed flood optimization