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In this episode we talk about trends, architectures and technologies for building modern Campus networks. Joining Kernel of Truth podcast hosts Brian O’Sullivan and Roopa Prabhu are two of our senior consultants, Eric Pulvino and David Marshall, who know what they’re talking about because they are in the field working with customers building these networks. They share their first hand knowledge here so be sure to take a listen!

Guest Bios

Brian O’Sullivan: Brian currently heads Product Management for Cumulus Linux. For 15 or so years he’s held software Product Management positions at Juniper Networks as well as other smaller companies. Once he saw the change that was happening in the networking space, he decided to join Cumulus Networks to be a part of the open networking innovation. When not working, Brian is a voracious reader and has held a variety of jobs, including bartending in three countries and working as an extra in a German soap opera. You can find him on Twitter at @bosullivan00.

Roopa Prabhu: Roopa Prabhu is Chief Linux Architect at Cumulus Networks. At Cumulus she and her team work on all things kernel networking and Linux system infrastructure areas. Her primary focus areas in the Linux kernel are Linux bridge, Netlink, VxLAN, Lightweight tunnels. She is currently focused on building Linux kernel dataplane for E-VPN. She loves working at Cumulus and with the Linux kernel networking and debian communities. Her past experience includes Linux clusters, ethernet drivers and Linux KVM virtualization platforms. She has a BS and MS in Computer Science. You can find her on Twitter at @__roopa.

Eric Pulvino: Eric is a Senior Consulting Engineer on our Professional Services team. Before he became Cumulus Curious(TM) he worked for Cisco consulting on large service provider networks from various household names. Today he works with customers in all stages of the open networking pipeline from initial product training, on to architecture and design, as well as the deployment and operation phases. He is not sure if he loves Linux or Networking more but is happy to work at Cumulus Networks where he doesn’t have to choose. When not on-the-clock, he is frequently annoying his family, writing all kinds of python-based home automation. You can find him on Twitter at @EricPulvino.

David Marshall: David is a Senior Consulting Engineer at Cumulus Networks. He consults with customers on how to scale out complex designs and automation schemes for large scale in-house data center deployments.

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