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The evolution of hardware telemetry and its software interfaces

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In this episode, Kernel of Truth host Roopa Prabhu is joined by Barak Gafni. The two of them chat about the evolution of hardware telemetry and its software interfaces as well as catch up some of the work on IOAM Barak’s been involved with. We hope you enjoy this episode and don’t forget to also check out the links below with resources referenced in the podcast. 

Guest Bios

Roopa Prabhu: Roopa is a Linux Architect at NVIDIA, formally Cumulus Networks. She and her team work on all things kernel networking and Linux system infrastructure areas. Her primary focus areas in the Linux kernel are Linux bridge, Netlink, VxLAN, Lightweight tunnels. She is currently focused on building Linux kernel dataplane for E-VPN. She loves working with the Linux kernel networking and debian communities. Her past experience includes Linux clusters, ethernet drivers and Linux KVM virtualization platforms. She has a BS and MS in Computer Science. You can find her on Twitter at @__roopa.

Barak Gafni: Barak is a Staff Architect at NVIDIA, formally Mellanox Technologies, focusing on enabling the most scalable, agile and simple networks of tomorrow. He joined Mellanox at 2009, and has 12 years of experience in the networking industry. Barak holds a B.Sc. in EE from the University of Tel Aviv (Cum Laude), has co-authored multiple IETF RFCs and holds several patents in the space of networking.

Show links

sFlow and WJH


OCP 2020 Session: Advances Ethernet Telemtry Working Across NOS’s and Switches