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Demystifying the DPU and DOCA

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Our third episode of this season’s of Kernel of Truth has been released! In this episode we have invited Ariel Kit to talk about the DPU, DOCA and the future of server networking.

Guest Bios

Ariel Kit: Ariel Kit is director of product marketing for Networking at NVIDIA. Ariel manages the strategy and delivery of the NVIDIA BlueField DPU software portfolio and cyber-security. Ariel leads product management for the new DOCA software framework starting a journey to create a thriving community of DPU developers. Ariel brings more than 8 years of experience in product development in the fields of cyber-security and embedded system-on-chip, backed up by over 12 years in R&D managerial roles

Roopa Prabhu: Roopa Prabhu is an engineering leader and architect at NVIDIA. She and her team work on all things Linux kernel networking and Linux system infrastructure. Her primary focus areas in the Linux kernel are Linux bridge, Netlink, Routing, VxLAN, Lightweight tunnels and E-VPN data plane. She is involved in several Open networking communities – Linux kernel networking, Open Compute Foundation, netdevconf and the DENT project. Her past experience includes Linux clusters, High Performance Computing, ethernet NIC drivers and Linux KVM virtualization platforms. She has a BS and MS in Computer Science. You can find her on Twitter at @__roopa.

Rama Darbha: Rama is the Director of Solutions Architecture at NVIDIA, formerly Cumulus Networks. He and his team help drive adoption of modern networking solutions. Starting with architectures and protocols, then moving to application integrations and finishing with ecosystem integrations, Rama and his team of networking solutions architectures try to help customers solve the most complex of infrastructure problems. You can find him on Twitter at @Radar_Bot.

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